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One of the hallmark signs of unquintessential leadership in an organization is the lack or misuse of performance management systems. Today’s post will talk about both scenarios and how they destroy individual performance and morale, team performance and morale, organizational performance and morale, and customer – the reason organizations are in business to begin with – trust and loyalty. 

What is a performance management system? If designed and used properly, it is the single best tool an organization has to ensure increased commitment, productivity, and success within the organization as well as increased customer trust, loyalty, and growth. Performance management systems require buy-in, continuous effort, accountability, and consequences for everyone involved in the process.  (more…)

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These eBooks are worth far more in experience and the time taken to put them together than they are priced at. You, as a quintessential leader, can’t afford the cost of not having the information they contain.

You have a choice. Save a few dollars and fail to be a quintessential leader, or spend a few dollars and learn what are some of the things quintessential leaders look like – and don’t look like – and what some of the things quintessential leaders do and are – and don’t do and aren’t. This is an investment in yourself and your team.

I don’t have all the answers either. I am learning just like you. But as I learn, I share my knowledge and my experience. That’s how I become a more quintessential leader. I believe in paying forward. What do you do to become a more quintessential leader? How do you pay forward what you’ve learned and experienced?

Whether you buy my eBooks or not is not important. But what you do with what you learn and what your experience has taught, is teaching, and will teach you is.

Think about that. When it’s all said and said, that’s all we’re left with. It’s a legacy. What is your legacy going to look like?