About The Quintessential Leader

What is leadership and how does it differ from management? What do you lead? What do you manage? How do you lead? What are the differences between quintessential leaders and everyone else?

The Quintessential Leader offers definitive leadership traits coaching – through leadership skills training seminars and succinct, written step-by-step guides to areas of leadership – to successful leadership, which is what excellent management incorporates. Leadership and management are twin branches on the same tree and are inextricably tied together.

So the degree to which management is good or great will be proportional to the degree to which good or great leadership also exists. And the degree to which management is poor will be proportional to the degree to which no or poor management exits. They simply cannot be separated from each other.

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Our services include:

Value-Priced Quintessential Leadership Books

online informationThe Quintessential Leader has authored books that discuss the foundations of quintessential leadership. The experience and content contained within each of these books is worth a lot, but in our quest to build quintessential leadership everywhere, we’re offering them at value prices or FREE.

Think they’re too expensive? Consider how much you’ve paid for snacks and drinks during work today. Each of our books costs less than that. Which is going to sustain you longer?

Take a look at our books now!

Customized Leadership Development Training

The Quintessential Leader offers customized leadership development training to all sizes and types of companies and organizations. We take our experience and our expertise and design a program of leadership development that fits your company’s or organization’s unique needs. The basic foundation underlying quintessential leadership never changes. But what you build on that foundation is unlimited! For more information, contact us today!

Customized Performance Systems Development for Productivity, Growth, and Team-Building

The Quintessential Leader offers customized performance planning, evaluation, and review systems to ensure that your organization is not only meeting its objectives successfully, but exceeding them consistently while developing highly-skilled and high-morale individuals who make up your teams.

Don’t settle for anything less than excellence! You can replace money and things, but people – your organization’s most valuable resource – are difficult, if not impossible – especially in terms of knowledge and experience lost – to replace.

Contact us to see how we can help you in this vital area of organizational development!

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