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Listed below are the books I’ve written and published about quintessential leadership. I encourage you to read each one. They are all value-priced because it is important to me to make the principles, qualities, and attributes of quintessential leadership accessible and affordable for everyone. 

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Quintessential leadership is not theoretical. Instead, it is the practical application of who we are, what we are, what we think, what we say, and what we do everywhere in life.

Quintessential leadership is not a compartment of ourselves that we walk in and out of depending on where we are, who we are with, and what we’re doing in life.

Instead, it is an integral part of us and we use the traits, the qualities, the principles across the board with everything we encounter in life, with no exceptions.

Everything we do, say, think, and are is run through the quintessential leadership standard automatically. And it changes us from the inside out so that we build trust and we are trustworthy in every part of lives.

Quintessential Leadership Practically Applied illustrates some areas where we apply the quintessential leadership standard. Its purpose is to be a starting point for those of us striving to be quintessential leaders to take and expand into further analysis and application within our lives.

I encourage you to see what quintessential leadership looks like in practice today and start using this framework to become more quintessential in how you lead and live.

Building Trust and Being Trustworthy The Quintessential Leader

The foundation for quintessential leadership is building trust and being trustworthy. When teams, business units, organizations, and nations fail, a root cause is a lack of trust and the absence of trustworthiness in the people in leadership positions. Trust and trustworthiness encompass character traits that not only promote loyalty and respect, but also build morale and set an example for those we lead.

Whether you lead one person or millions of people, you cannot afford to be without these essential character traits, which are each discussed in practical, “this is what it looks like” language that you can start implementing today. 
Your success as a leader depends on how much and how deeply the components of building trust and being trustworthy are a part of you as a person and you as a leader. No one in a leadership position can afford to be without this valuable guide that will ensure priceless rewards in success at all levels of the entities you lead.
If you are reading this, you are in a leadership position for someone. Substitute the words “example,” “mentor,” or “role model,” “teacher,” “coach,” “parent,” “grandparent,” “aunt,” “uncle,” “friend,” and “neighbor,” in addition to the traditional functions associated with leadership positions for the word “leader,” and you’ll see we all fill leadership positions for the people around us.
How are we doing? Qualities of Quintessential Leaders will help us all to answer that question and to find out how to improve and change so that we pass quintessential leadership qualities on to all those whose lives intersect with ours.
What we do and how we do it will make a far greater impact than any words we can ever say. This book will help ensure that the footprint each of us leaves behind is one that is imitable.
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