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How Leaders Fail

Posted: November 29, 2022 in Quintessential Leadership

titanic-sinking-under-an-aurora-quintessential-leaderHow do leaders fail?┬áLet’s face the facts. We’re human. As such, we’re imperfect. None of us knows everything and none of us is good at all things. We have strengths and we have weaknesses. Quintessential leaders recognize this about others and about themselves.

Quintessential leaders are always looking for team members who will offset their weaknesses. They have no problems with people who shine in areas where they don’t; in fact, they welcome them with open arms and recognize the value they bring to the team. But, most people in leadership positions, sadly, are not quintessential leaders. This doesn’t mean these people don’t bring assets to the table, but their weaknesses, which they don’t see and wouldn’t admit to if they did, cause them to fail as leaders.


The local and national news is full of stories about children killing and being killed. When I read stories about young teens being KyleRittenhouse-quintessential-leaderhit by a car when they’re outside walking in the wee hours of the morning or about teenagers being shot in cars or at parties on school nights between 1 am and 5 am, I shake my head and ask myself, “Where are their parents?” When I read stories about children as young as elementary school age beating or killing – with knives or guns – other people, I also shake my head and ask myself, “Where are their parents?”

The actions of Kyle Rittenhouse bring that question to my lips again. It’s the question nobody else seems to be asking. Or even care about.


The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in HistoryThe Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History by John M. Barry
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A little over a century ago, a similar scenario like the one we’re seeing with COVID-19 in 2020 played out. The 1918 influenza pandemic lasted almost three years. It did not start in Spain (it’s often called the “Spanish flu”), but instead instead in a small, rural town in Kansas.


A-white-mob-attempts-to-abduct-a-black-man-Red-Summer-1919Black lives matter. The history of black slavery, oppression, injustice, and murder for a very long time is an abomination, then and now. Period.

Anyone who denies that, doesn’t believe that, or thinks that’s okay, is both a liar and a murderer (hate, as Jesus says in Matthew 5, is the same thing as murder). If you call yourself a Christian and you fall into this way of thinking, then you are actively breaking two of the Ten Commandments. You are guilty of not loving your brother as yourself (the last five Commandments).

Jesus Christ is The Quintessential Leader. If we claim to follow Him, but our behavior is diametrically opposite to His, then we are not quintessential leaders. We are also not Christians, because our behavior is not like Christ’s. Take the time to read and think about I John.

yourefired-the-quintessential-leaderNo matter what perspective you view things from here in the middle of June 2020, the global economy and the American economy are in dire straits (despite what the people in leadership positions in the United States say) because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many companies are not in a position to survive, not because there isn’t a way, but because they cannot think outside the box and see different ways. So, they rely on conventional wisdom (always a bad idea) and outdated models of doing business.

They also cling tightly to their stuff, even though, in many cases that is what needs to go because the pandemic has shown us that we have the technology to operate, in many areas of life, with a minimum of stuff. (more…)


There are a lot of people in leadership positions who have no business being there. They are the epitome of unquintessential leadership and the consequences of that are destructive to many people beyond their own teams.

It’s actually easy to know what quintessential leaders don’t do. Look at what these unquintessential leaders are doing and determine what the opposite action should be. It’s, sadly, as simple as that with many of the people who are in leadership positions now.

So, let’s take a look at what quintessential leaders do and are in contrast to what we’re all seeing on a daily basis. (more…)