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Hurricane Harvey Texas August 25, 2017Hurricane Harvey began pounding the middle-to-eastern part of lower Texas on Friday, August 25, 2017. A tropical storm that rapidly intensified to a Category 4 hurricane, Harvey made its initial landfall at the small town of Rockport, TX, virtually wiping it off the map in terms of devastation and damage.

An unusual weather pattern that had a persistent low pressure system from the west and high pressure system from the east kept Harvey virtually stationary for almost five days.

Given its close proximity to the Gulf coast, Tropical Storm Harvey maintained its tropical force winds, which in turn sucked up massive amounts of moisture from the sea just to its south. (more…)

The Quintessential LeaderThe Quintessential Leader stays away from discussing politics intentionally. That is because politics of any kind – governmental, social, religious, etc. – and quintessential leadership are incompatible. They do not and cannot coexist. Where you see politics, you see unquintessential leadership.

However, this blog does look at people who are involved in politics because quintessential or unquintessential leadership is demonstrated in who people are, what they think, say, and do. (more…)