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How people in leadership positions handle tough stuff situations determines whether they are quintessential leaders or notPeople in leadership positions face “tough stuff” situations routinely. How they handle these kinds of situations gives a lot of insight into whether they are quintessential leaders or not.

The unfortunate reality is that many people who are in leadership positions are not actually leaders.

Generally, people are promoted to leadership positions because of two scenarios with the traditional reward path used by companies and organizations. (more…)

It is easy to distinguish quintessential leaders from unquintessential leaders by the way they deal with the pressure of a crisis or crises. 

Below I will give a short list of characteristics that quintessential and unquintessential leaders do when a crisis or crises arise.

Each of you who reads this has a two-fold assignment. First, as always, look at your own leadership characteristics in a crisis or crises and see which leadership style you, in general, fall under. The second assignment is that if you read this, I want you to give me input, via a comment, with an additional characteristic for both quintessential and unquintessential leaders’ crisis-management styles.

I’m going to move, for the most part, to shorter blog posts of this interactive format, because if you’re reading this, you have information to share with me and to share with the other readers of this blog, and I want to encourage us to communicate with and help each other grow as quintessential leaders.

quintessential leader crisis crisesSome of the characteristics of an unquintessential leader in a crisis are:

  • Pretend it doesn’t or deny that it does exist
  • Ignore it
  • Avoid it
  • Procrastinate doing anything about it
  • Blame it on someone else
  • Make it someone else’s crisis

Some of the characteristics of a quintessential leader in a crisis are:

  • Acknowledge it
  • Tackle it quickly and honestly (this means the quintessential leader expects and is prepared for a crisis)
  • Take responsibility
  • Be accountable for resolving it

Obviously, these are not comprehensive lists. Now it’s your turn to contribute with a characteristic for each type of leader in a crisis.

What can you to add to these lists?