This is a good post on quintessential leadership.

What it is. What it isn’t.

The best quote: “Charismatic leaders create followers. Great leaders create leaders.”

Leadership Freak


Charismatic leaders are bigger than life. You aren’t one of them.

Very few leaders move people through charisma, personality, and up front skills. It’s not likely you have enough charisma to lead through charisma.

Successful leadership doesn’t require charisma.

Weak people want leaders to be bigger, brighter, and prettier than they are. But, everyone’s a mess somewhere. Those who’ve arrived haven’t! Drop the façade. Everyone’s on a journey.

Charismatic leaders create followers.
Great leaders create leaders.

Hypocrites say leadership is about others and then say look at me.

Do you enjoy someone:

  1. Looking over your shoulder?
  2. Telling you what to do?
  3. Rushing to fix?

How do you like it when someone “helps” you? I hope you hate it! Potential leaders hate it too.

If they don’t hate being helped, you’ve trained them to be helpless monkeys looking for bananas from their zookeeper.

Create leaders by asking questions like:

  1. What are…

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