“Quintessential Leadership Practically Applied” – Free Chapter Excerpt

Posted: August 24, 2015 in Quintessential Leader Books, Quintessential Leadership
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Quintessential leadership is not theory. It is practical application in every area of our lives, not just something we aim for at work. In other words, becoming a quintessential leader requires action. Conscious. Consistent. Continual.

One thing that makes The Quintessential Leader blog unique is the focus on what quintessential leadership looks like – and doesn’t look like.

And there is always a call to action to look at ourselves and evaluate whether we are becoming quintessential leaders or are following the general trend of unquintessential leadership that we see around us.

Reading dry suggestions or formulaic bulleted lists won’t change you or me and our paths of leadership development.

However, examining specific areas of what quintessential leadership does and doesn’t look like and then holding that mirror up to our own lives can be a strong motivator for us to change.


When we are provoked, we have strong reactions to that provocation. The reactions will either be defensive – “I don’t do that!” or “That doesn’t apply to me!” – or they will be agreeable – “I’ve seen that and I’m trying to change that” or “That’s what I want to be like (or not be like).”

I’ve had some pretty strong reactions to this blog at times, mostly in the defensive category. I’ve even had people take posts so personally that they had the hubris to believe I was talking about them specifically.

I’ve found, though, that when people get really defensive or they take posts personally that they prove themselves to be exactly what they’re upset about.

And that’s okay. Because that’s the moment when they have the opportunity to see it for themselves and change it.

And that’s always my hope with this blog. Always.

Because I am a practical person who has no patience with imaginative theory and speculation, I always want to see what things look like in practice – practical application. If I can see something in tangible terms – good or bad – then I can both evaluate myself and see where I need to make changes.

quintessential-leadership-practically-applied-front-cover-smallWith that in mind, I wrote Quintessential Leadership Practically Applied.

And I’m including free downloadable chapter from the book – “Avoiding the Snake Oil Trap” – for you as a preview of the book.

Read it. Feel free to share it (please link back to the book if you do share it). Feel free to use it.

And if you find it useful, consider buying Quintessential Leadership Practically AppliedThe price is nominal, but the information is valuable.

I don’t charge a lot for my books because I want them to be affordable and accessible to everyone. I realize people spend considerably more each day on drinks, snacks, and lunch, so I price my books at considerably less than that daily cost to encourage people to spend a little money on something irreplaceable that they can use the rest of their lives in contrast to far more money on something temporary and replaceable.

Just food for thought. Pun intended.

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