Pookey’s Sweet Life – Gluten Free is a company that will start out offering cupcake mixes that are both incredibly awesome and gluten-free, as well as easy to mix and bake. However,  Pookey’s Sweet Life – Gluten Free is currently in the process of trying to fund and launch the company. If the funding campaign, which ends in July, does not meet its goal, then the company will not be able to launch its gluten-free products.

The owner of Pookey’s Sweet Life – Gluten Free is a close friend of mine. As quintessential leaders, part of our responsibilities are to pay everything forward. This post is paying forward, because I know the owner is a quintessential leader and I know  that this business, with funding, is going to be successful.

But unless Pookey’s Sweet Life – Gluten Free gets the funding it needs by the first week of July, this company will not exist. And this company needs to exist.

As quintessential leaders, I’ve urged all of us to think outside of the boxes life tends to put around us. Here’s another exhortation to think outside of our personal boxes of life and consider the bigger box of humanity and the confining boxes that being gluten-intolerant puts many of those people and their families in.

As quintessential leaders, we are, by definition, big-picture in how we see, how we relate, and how we respond. This call to action for Pookey’s Sweet Life – Gluten Free enables each of us to show that we are quintessential leaders, not only in word, but in deed.

Pookey’s Sweet Life – Gluten Free has added s brand new perk added for a $15 dollar donation to this very worthy cause. You don’t have to donate $15 dollars, however, to make Pookey’s Sweet Life – Gluten Free a reality for all the gluten-intolerant people out there.

Forget about perks. Think about your family. No doubt there is someone among them who is gluten-intolerant.

Think about your friends. Do you know anyone who is gluten-intolerant? Would you be willing to help them?

Think about yourself. What if tomorrow you were diagnosed with gluten intolerance? Think about how radically your life would change, because most of the bread and pasta products we eat have gluten in them.

What if there were no companies that produced gluten-free products that were not only healthy but also tasty? What if all you had were the mega-produced gluten-free products that are, if not inedible, at least the last resort if you have no other choices?

Pookey’s Sweet Life – Gluten Free offers a wonderful alternative to all the bland, tasteless, and, yes, sometimes inedible products offered commercially now for people who are gluten-intolerant.

Pookey’s Sweet Life – Gluten Free is an incredibly personal venture based on a child’s need for gluten-free food. With love, care, and investment behind all the products that Pookey’s Sweet Life – Gluten-Free will offer, how could any of us not put ourselves in the shoes of parents and children who need these products and had no option but what we came up with ourselves to ensure our children had gluten-free alternatives?

For yourself. For your children. For your grandchildren. For your great-grandchildren. others. For others’ children. For others’ grandchildren. For others’ great-grandchildren.

Consider a small donation to help anyone that comes to mind when you think of those possibilities.

Until we’re in the middle of something health-wise, we don’t often have empathy and understanding for what many others who share our battles go through.

I learned this a few years ago when I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease and Graves’ Eye Disease.

All my life, I’ve been through hell and back with these. And, for the rest of my life, I will continue to go through hell and back with them. That is something I’ve had to accept and adjust to. I’ve tried to change myself so that hell is not so bad for me and everybody else. That is a battle I will fight until the day I take my welcomed last breath.

Although both are autoimmune diseases and thyroid diseases are genetic in my maternal biological family, my struggle with these is not systemic, but instead neurological (which means the standard treatments for them don’t work). I’ve got an overactive hypothalamus and pituitary gland that overload my brain and my thyroid (apparently the weakest system in my body).

There’s no fix for me. And I’m okay with that and work to try to find other ways to fix what, realistically, can’t be fixed in this physical life.

So when I see things that can be fixed, like gluten intolerance, I push for those fixes. Probably harder than most people would. But I know what it’s like to have something that’s not fixable.

Gluten-intolerance is fixable. Or at least manageable. Pookey’s Sweet Life – Gluten Free is one of the fixes. Let’s join together to help in the effort to fix and address something that is fixable in this lif

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