A To-Don’t NOT a To-Do

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Quintessential Leadership

Excellent blog on macro leadership, which is the opposite of micromanagement. We should definitely think of the to-don’t portion of our to-do lists as much as we think about the to-do’s.

Leadership Freak

tie shoes

Even four year olds know that being helped isn’t always helpful. Over eager parents, who step in to “help,” often hear frustrated children say, “I’ll do it myself!”

Never help those who can help themselves.

You got up this morning thinking about things to-do. But, leaders think about things to-don’t. Helpfulness lifted you to leadership but the need to help hampers once you’re there.

The need to help may reflect an unhealthy need to be helpful.

Leaders who need to help are short-sighted unhelpful hindrances who need to feel important.

Step out; don’t step in.

Helping isn’t helpful when it weakens, creates dependencies, or takes responsibility from others.

Delay helping when:

  1. Ownership is high. Stepping in undermines ownership.
  2. Teams are motivated.
  3. Delay shows respect. “I trust you.”
  4. Acceptable progress is being achieved.
  5. Long-term benefits outweigh short-term results.
  6. You questions methods and processes, not outcomes.
  7. Struggle strengthens.
  8. Teams trust you. They know you have…

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