This is about quintessential leadership. Ethics. Doing the right thing. Making the right choices. The fields we’re in don’t matter. The choices we make do. Always. Never forget that. When you forget that you are responsible for the choices you make, then you forget your principles, your ethics, your moral principles.

In short, you forget that you are a quintessential leader.

As quintessential leaders, we can never forget what our foundation, our principles, our ethics, the very cores of who and what we are consists of.

Tarun Gill Motivation

communications as a careerIn life you would always have two options for everything. That’s why we are tagged as byproduct of the choices we make in life.

As a communication professional, you would make some good choices and some not so good choices in choosing your employer.

Lets face it, communications, as a function is not a common one. In some organizations the communications role doesn’t exist. This is not a local practice but a global trend. Businesses don’t really understand what corporate communications is? No wonder we are often struggling to quantify what we do in the organization.

One thing, which we have to be very clear of, weather, you are a fresher passed out from a mass communication college or an experienced individual. Communication will always be a “Good to have” Line of business not a “Need to have”. And not so evolved organizations always are focusing in fixing up their…

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