“Quintessential Leadership Practically Applied” – New Book Available on Amazon

Posted: September 29, 2014 in Quintessential Leader Books
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quintessential leadership practically applied book

Quintessential Leadership Practically Applied is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

Quintessential leadership is not a theoretical concept. Instead, it is a practical and working application of character, principles, and experience with all the teams we lead in our lives.

These are not just the professional teams we lead, but the ones we lead in every other part of our lives as well. In short, quintessential leadership is who we are, what we are, and how we are. We are inseparable from it and it is inseparable from us.

This book is intended to, by giving concrete and everyday examples of practically applying quintessential leadership, be a starting point for you to discover other areas in your own lives and learn how to apply quintessential leadership to them.

Get your copy today!

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